October Con Trio 2015!

September 21st, 2015

I will be traveling quite a bit from this weekend until the end of October for conventions!

Event Yaoi's Yaoi Yuri Con - I will be a guest of honor at this convention in Lyon, France! I don't get to travel abroad for conventions very often so I am really looking forward to meeting European fans! :)

NYCC - I will have a table in the Artist Alley! (Table T12)

Nijicon - I will be a guest here! (I'll have a panel!)

So, I have three cons this month (IT JUST SORTA HAPPENED), one of which is overseas, so the Starfighter updates will have to wait until I get back! That sucks, I know, but I will be meeting with friends and fans at conventions, so it's all for a good cause! :) I will be back shortly after I return to wrap up Encke and Keeler!

I hope to do you all proud! Thank you so much as always for your support!


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