Yaoi-Con 2011

November 2nd, 2011

Ah, I always have so much fun at this convention! It's filled with amazing people and yaoi; so it's kind of an ideal habitat! The con was in a new hotel this year which seemed a little smaller, but was awesomely closer to the San Francisco Airport BART station and this little gem called Que Seraw Seraw, so I think it was a good trade!

Thisbe and I met up with our friends, Ocicat and Wensleydale, who you might have seen me mention before! They are so absolutely inspiring and such a cool creative team! I love them both so much and am probably embarrassing them with all my public gushing-- but wow! It really just amazes me that these two incredible friends are in my life and I'm so fortunate to know them.. They are working on a comic called SpaceJinx over on their site, Misadventure Central, and were able to make these fantastic minis for the convention! It's sci-fi and BL, so if you enjoy Starfighter, I would definitely check out their work!

The sweetheart angels from the Teahouse crew, CC and Em, were there! (Of course!) I can't emphasize enough how friendly, loving, and just incredibly supportive they are! I knew meeting up with them again was going to be a highlight of the trip but oh my gosh, it really made me realize how much I had missed them since last year! As you can probably tell from their interaction with their fans, they are super hilarious and cool, and they had a brilliant panel that I feel so lucky to have attended! (The first panel was PACKED! They made a second the next morning and.. I know I am making everyone's ears burn with this post but, holy shit, I am so, sovery proud of them both! It was a very beautiful thing!)

Chapter two is out AND IS GORGEOUS! I also got this stunning poster and sweetheart Linneus keychain! Thank you both so much!

I also saw TogaQ briefly, who was selling issue #5 of In These Words and debuting Father Figure, both of which I picked up! She was so amazing and gracious as well as her staff; I swear, she is like a crown prince! Thank you so, so much for your stunning work, TogaQ! I spent most of the plane ride home staring at the flawless anatomy in your drawings and your beautiful linework.. You are absolutely incredible!

I had the honor of making a guest art in the latest ITW issue and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't surreal! It's a huge honor, thank you, TogaQ and Neko!

THERE WERE SO MANY SWEETHEARTS! It really overwhelms me with happiness and gratitude to meet readers.. I didn't sleep the two nights before I arrived and trying to arrange everything seemed a bit stressful, but oh man.. having the chance to thank fans in person and lavish love upon them just makes all the effort worthwhile! Each of you are truly so special and amazing.. it means the world to me that read the comic and that you stopped by! Thank you so, so much! I love each of you!

Check out some incredible cosplay!

These two were AWESOME! Not only were they super friendly and loving, but they actually MADE those hoodies! And then they made me one! I nearly fainted! Check them out! Thank you so much!

Ah, aren't they amazing?! They were both so beautiful and perfect together! Thank you so much, what a huge honor that you lent your stunning cosplay skills to Starfighter!

These two were such sweethearts-- thank you so much for your amazing cosplay, my darlings! It really thrilled me to see you!

Look at this beautiful cosplay! Ahh!

And gorgeous gift art! Ahh, thank you all so much!

I also got to meet some fantastic artists!

I met Olga and picked up this GORGEOUS BillyxTeddy print from her-- oh my gosh, she is too kind! I loved meeting her, wow! She really swept me off my feet with her sweet words and amazing personality! And her art is just spectacular!

Bell and Hazel from Always Raining Here were such sweeties and I'm really glad I got to meet them! Their comic was amazing and I bought a charity print from them:

I also met with the incredible Category3 Comics ladies! They were just so friendly and nurturing-- I had a lot of fun chatting with them! They are really so inspiring and I absolutely love seeing independent, talented artists publishing their work and doing what they love-- which is definitely what they were about! You guys are so sweet, I feel so honored to have met you.

Here's a comic I picked up from them:

The A Votre Sante girls were also so cool! Ah, oh my gosh, I had a blast talking to you both, even though it was brief and filled with me being very super excitable! I highly recommend their book-- it has so much talent and gorgeous art! Plus, they are absolutely lovely! I also picked up a print from Sir-fish!

I met both Kurichan and Temporary-Glitch, who drew me this INCREDIBLE fanart and were just about the coolest! Thank you guys both so much-- you blew me away with how awesome you both are, seriously! I can only hope I meet you both again next year!

Jaiwon was there again! Look at her gorgeous art-- and she is so super sweet! AND her fashion is just perfect and adorable! Jaiwon, how do you exist in this world?! It was so great to see you again, cutie!

I also got to see my sweetheart angel, Tessa Stone. S-she drew Praxis and I almost imploded like a dying star, but oh my gosh, does my heart hurt with feelings for this girl! She is pretty much the absolute best and I adore her!

I got to meet with my west coast honies, beautiful Agnes, sweet Fawnfawns, my princely Jen, and the incredible Vera!

So many beautiful things!

Thank you all so, so much! Me and Thisbe had the best time and I cherish all my sweet Yaoi-con memories! I hope I get to meet you all again!


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